Swimming rewards

We all know children thrive on reward systems

Rewarding effort simultaneously rewards autonomy, mastery, and purpose, the three major elements of success and motivation. It also keeps your children from shutting down in the face of tough challenges, and keeps them pushing themselves to try, try again!

While stamps, stickers and bubbles are enough for babies and toddlers, at Rangitoto Swim School once your child turns 3 and the lesson structure become more involved so does the reward.

Continuous progress is rewarded within their Learn to Swim programme with small incentives that they can be proud of.

Ribbons: Our preschool and After-school classes are packed full of fun learning. As your child moves through the 6 Levels at RSS they gain Ribbons for their achievements, a great collection for show and tell at school!

Each child enrolled into after school lessons also receives their very own “swimming passport” where they can keep track of their swimming achievements and be encouraged to keep practicing!

We have teamed up with our good friends at “The Coffee Club” in Browns Bay, because we know how good it feels to be praised for awesome EFFORT! Could your child be the next Swimmer of the Week?

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