Swim classes




3 months - 3 years

Duration 30 minutes – Max 10 per group.
Run on Thursday, Friday & Saturday mornings.

Parents/caregivers in the water with the child.

These are the most wonderful times to share with your child in the water. Our skilled instructors will take you and your child through a basic routine which includes favourite rhyme songs for each skill also importantly, how to hold your child. Over time your child will learn the different cues for each skill correctly and comfortably. In the routine children will be encouraged to use their fine motor skills. All parts of the routine will give you and your child an experience that will last a lifetime.

To continue from their baby lessons, toddlers will now learn to use their gross motor skills in the familiar lesson. Active movement is encouraged within the routine which includes, kicking and arm movements. Our skilled instructor will guide you on how to hold your toddler and cues using familiar songs, for every skill. Week by week you will notice your toddler becoming more and more confident in the water.

Ribbons to receive: 






3 years - 5 years

Duration 20 minutes – 4 per group.
Run on Thursday, Friday & Saturday mornings.

Parent/caregiver not required in the water with child.

Lessons focus on water safety/confidence and the fundamental skills needed to create strong swimming abilities. Groups are mixed in skills. Mixing children of different skill levels in a group setting allows the more advanced students to serve as role models for those who are still developing their skills, providing motivation and inspiration for improvement. Children can learn to support and encourage each other fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendship no matter their ability.

Our instructors are able to delegate proficiently between each individual within the group.

4 levels to the preschool programme:

  • Bubbles
  • High 5’s
  • Snorkles
  • Superstars


afterschool programme

5 years+

Duration 30 minutes – 4 per group.
Run Monday-Friday afternoons only.

Lessons focus on water safety/confidence, correct body position, skill technique, endurance, strength and fun. Learnt strokes : freestyle backstroke and breaststroke.

6 levels from beginner to advanced:

  • Splashers
  • Dazzlers
  • Super Swimmers
  • Rangi Champs
  • Aquanauts
  • Sonics

The levels start from real beginners to advanced swim strokes. With our qualified teaching team, we will guide your child through a swim programme that is second to none.

Our programmes also run hand in hand with the local schools Water Wise Programme, where children are tested to see if they can swim competently before they are allowed to take part. All children from our programmes have successfully passed and been able to participate in the programme.

As your child passes each level they are awarded a satin ribbon, that they can keep forever, for their fantastic swimming.


Adult Tuition

Duration 30 minutes – One on one 
Run before 12pm Monday-Friday  

We offer one on one private tuition for adults to learn to swim, gain water confidence or to help with stroke correction.

Adult tuition is the perfect way to maximise your swimming potential, these classes are based on availability.

Enquire now for more info.

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